What driver distractions are preventable

Drivers in and around Georgia can do a lot to prevent distractions from putting their safety and others' safety at risk. It all begins with knowing what are the most common distractions. While everyone is aware that phones contribute to many cases of distracted driving, not everyone is aware that hands-free devices are no better. In any case, drivers will want to put their phones on Do Not Disturb and only use it after safely pulling over.

Conversations with passengers can take drivers' attention from the road even when their eyes are looking straight ahead. Teens, in particular, may need to limit the number of passengers they take with them because of their relative inexperience and because of the tendency among young people to become loud and boisterous.

Drivers should also minimize eating and drinking because this will require the use of at least one of their hands and increase the risk for spills and other distracting events. Many like to eat their breakfast during their morning commute to save time, but this is nothing short of reckless.

A last danger to watch out for is drowsiness, which can affect one's focus to the point that one is weaving in and out of lanes. Caffeine can help, but the only real solution to drowsiness is adequate sleep.

Should a distracted driver cause a car wreck and injure others, those victims may be able to seek compensation. After all, victims may have undergone extensive medical treatment, lost their jobs and perhaps lost their capacity to earn a living. In Georgia, plaintiffs are eligible for compensatory damages if they are less than 50% to blame for a crash. To ensure as strong a claim as possible, victims may want the advice and guidance of a personal injury attorney.

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