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Issues with crash dummies may increase car injury risks for women

Women in Georgia and other states are more likely to be injured in car accidents than men. Prior research has linked this to flaws with seat belt design. Sitting posture and a generally shorter stature are some of the reasons previously cited to explain why seat belts may not provide sufficient protection for women. A university study suggests that issues with crash test dummies may also be a contributing factor.

Trucker drive-time rules might be relaxed by DOT

Advocates for the trucking industry have made headway in their efforts to secure relaxed drive-time restrictions on roadways in Georgia and across the country. The Department of Transportation has said it will move to loosen the regulations that limit the number of hours truckers can be on the road. The current form of the rules allows big rig drivers to drive for up to 11 hours during each on-duty period.

Can reduced speed limits reduce accidents?

Two U.S. senators have proposed a bill that they believe will reduce accidents across the country. The bill would require all new semi-trucks to have electronic speed monitoring software installed that would not allow the semi to drive faster than 65 mph.

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