Study: Drivers still tempted by technology

Drivers in Georgia are often aware of the dangers of distracted driving. Around half of all respondents in one study said that distraction on the road posed the greatest threat to safety. This is backed up by facts: Thousands of serious car accidents are linked every year to distracted drivers. The problem has grown exponentially since the rise of the smartphone, even though technological factors aren't the only distractions drivers face. Simple acts like eating and drinking, caring for children or pets, or putting on makeup behind the wheel can also pose a distracting threat.

In some states, distracted driving is the leading cause of fatal accidents every year, while tens of thousands of people are injured in crashes linked to texting while driving and other distractions. Even though people know that distraction can be deadly, they also tend to discount its danger when they use their own phones while behind the wheel. Despite law enforcement crackdowns and public service announcements, large numbers of drivers can be seen using their phones while operating their vehicles. Study respondents said that they tended to use their phones at least 13 minutes each day while operating their cars.

Simple voice conversations were rarely the compelling force that took drivers' attention away from the road. Instead, drivers were more likely to be distracted by group chats on messenger apps, social media posts and newsfeeds and even streaming videos. Eighteen percent of respondents said that their eyes were taken away from the road to watch YouTube videos or TV shows.

These actions may seem innocuous, but distraction can lead to severe car accidents, catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities. People hurt in a crash caused by someone else's negligence can work with a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and other losses.

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