When A Property Owner’s Negligence Causes Injury

You have the right to be safe from preventable accidents when you are on someone else's property. Even if you rent an apartment or house, the property owner has an obligation to provide an environment that is as free as possible from hazards.

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Premises Liability Facts

When you enter someone else's property for a lawful purpose, the owner of the property is liable for your safety. This includes office buildings, retail stores, event venues and other establishments, as well as private homes and businesses. A property owner who fails to take reasonable steps to correct or warn you of a known hazard has breached a legal duty. You may have the right to claim compensation for the injuries you suffer. Some common premises liability cases involve the following hazards:

  • Slick or wet floors
  • Clutter or debris in aisles
  • Stairways that are dark or have broken steps or defective handrails
  • Cracked or uneven sidewalks
  • Seasonal hazards on sidewalks, such as ice, snow or slippery leaves
  • Low-hanging signs or shelving
  • Poorly trained or overly aggressive security

A property owner who fails to confine an aggressive dog may be liable if the dog harms you, whether the dog escapes its enclosure or bites you when the owner invites you onto the property.

Attractive Nuisance

Children are especially susceptible to attractive nuisances, which are hazards that may lure someone onto the property. An unfenced swimming pool can lead to tragedy if it entices a child inside the property lines. Other items, such as piles of construction materials, machinery or animals may be attractive nuisances if the owner fails to use caution to prevent children from entering the property, resulting in their injury.

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