Atlanta-Area Residents Injured In Motor Vehicle Accidents May Seek Relief

Motor vehicle accidents occur all too frequently in the Atlanta area. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in such an incident, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your losses. If you are not sure if you have a case, the legal team at Brown Barnwell can review and investigate your case and let you know what, if any, legal options you have to seek damages.

What Damages Are Recoverable Following A Car Crash?

The state allows victims of car accidents to seek relief for all documented damages whether they are economic or noneconomic in nature. Some recoverable damages include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property loss or repair
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

There are many others, but the point is, if you can provide proof of a loss resulting from another's negligent actions, the state may allow you to seek compensation for that loss.

The Insurance Issue

Following a motor vehicle accident, insurance should cover everything, right? Numerous individuals want to believe that this is true, but it is not. Insurance providers are in businesses to make money, and they will do everything to protect their bottom line. They are often able to get victims of auto accidents to take settlements that do not cover all of their losses. At Brown Barnwell, our attorney has experience dealing with insurance companies, and we are ready to push back against them to get you the compensation you need.

Ready To Seek Relief? Contact Us Today

If you are ready to seek relief for any losses you or your family suffered as a result of a motor vehicle accident, we are ready to listen to your concerns and help you plot and carry out a legal course of action. Personal injury claims can be challenging to get through, but the legal team at Brown Barnwell has the experience needed to tackle your case. Call our office at 470-406-6384 or contact us by email for a free case evaluation with a lawyer who understands how to help.